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Advertising is a crucial part of promoting any business, event, or product. Without proper advertising, no-one knows who you are or what you offer. You may have the most amazing things to offer, but you are not doing as well as you could because you’re not being seen. Online advertising is the solution to your invisibility.

Businesses that make use of online advertising are much more likely to get people visiting their websites or buying their products. So, if you need to break into the world of online advertising, here is your opportunity.

Ideal Niches for Advertising on

If your business, event, or product falls within these niches, you are sure to have success advertising on

  • Gaming
  • Poker game supplies
  • Food vendors
  • Loan providers
  • Financial advisors
  • Computer products
  • Mobile devices
  • Poker lessons or tournaments
  • Casinos

How to Book Your Spot

We offer two main types of spots: banner ads that appear at intervals on a given page and sidebar ads that appear on the sides of the page. Your spot will depend on availability.

To apply for an advertisement spot, send an email to and tell us about your business, event, or product and what type of exposure you are looking for. We will quote you on the number of ads you want and for how long we will run them.

Online advertising is a must if you want to be seen. If you fall into any of the abovementioned niches, you need to email us today.